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Täglich einen Kurzen: End of Summer (ft. Katie Melua) | The Peasants (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Website: https://www.thepeasantsmovie.com/english


Lyrics by L.U.C, Katie Melua & Hugh Welchman

VERSE 1 Seasons turn and turn again; bitter winds begin to blow. See me catch a drifting cloud, fly away, and let the rabble go. Running fast, rage of wolves, a caring heart’s a blessing or a curse. Gliding high above the crowds, their spitting rage no longer hurts.

VERSE 2 Flying up above the fields, above the woods and stars, far from here. Bright horizons, folding sky take me as you’ve taken away my fear. Say what you like, cutting jibes, those wicked taunts they’re not getting through. Echoes of their distant rage fade and vanish into the blue.

CHORUS Summer winds will soon return, here to carry me away. I’ll hang upon the sun-white clouds, I’m soaring now beyond the fray. I embrace open wounds, my scars to heal, my spirit beams. I’m flying now to the hills, overseas to meet my dreams.

CHORUS REPEATS VERSE 3 Looking down I see the view, pastures of the great wide world. I dream it now, my life anew, a fresh canvas to be unfurled. Foreign lands, friendly towns, is there a place to make me whole. Healing rays, hope of spring, faith, returning to my soul.



The Peasants tells the story of Jagna, a young woman determined to forge her own path within the confines of a late 19th century Polish village – a hotbed of gossip and on-going feuds, held together, rich and poor, by pride in their land, adherence to colourful traditions and deep-rooted patriarchy. When Jagna finds herself caught between the conflicting desires of the village’s richest farmer, his eldest son, and other leading men of the community, her resistance puts her on a tragic collision course with the community around her.

The most popular film in Poland this year, The Peasants is the follow up film by film-making couple DK Welchman & Hugh Welchman, who created the 2018 worldwide hit, Loving Vincent.

The Peasants novel is filled with descriptions of nature, its mechanisms, delight in life, the earth and people. To tell this epic story, creators of the film decided to use the painting animation technique known from Loving Vincent. Each frame of the movie is hand-painted by a group of over 200 artists, who created more than 40 000 oil frames. It lengthened the process of making the film from about two years to more than five, but thanks to painting animation rather than mere repainting of frames, it was possible to emphasize and saturate emotions and beauty of nature in changing seasons in the film.

Originally making its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, The Peasants is now playing in select US cities, coming soon to a theater near you from Sony Pictures Classics.


The Peasants features music by award-winning producer, vocalist, composer, songwriter Łukasz “L.U.C.” Rostkowski and his international Rebel Babel Film Orchestra written for the painted animation film based on Polish writer Władysław Reymont’s Nobel Prize-winning novel of the same name. For the score, L.U.C. drew inspiration from the film’s Polish origins, utilizing rare Slavic folk instruments, like the Belarussian Bagpipes, to build beautifully expansive themes and bringing together a special line-up of musicians, including a Ukrainian Refugee Choir, for his transcultural big band Rebel Babel Film Orchestra to record the album. To celebrate the film’s US theatrical release, the music team recorded a new rendition of album closer “End of Summer” performed in English by Georgian-British singer-songwriter Katie Melua.

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