19. Juli 2023 Johannes Wolters

Täglich einen Kurzen: „Everybody Goes to the Hospital“ by Tiffany Kimmel

Everybody Goes to the Hospital from Tiffany Kimmel on Vimeo.

Based on a true story, EVERYBODY GOES TO THE HOSPITAL is a stop motion animated exploration of physical, psychological, and familial trauma, telling the tale of 4-year-old Little Mata (writer/director Tiffany Kimmel’s mother) as she’s taken to the hospital in late 1963 with appendicitis.

Written & Directed by Tiffany Kimmel
Starring Lucia Hadley Wheeler

Charles A. Pieper, Producer
McKenzie Stubbert, Producer, Original Music & Sound
Eric Oxford, Lead Animator & Fabricator
Ange Cox, Fabrication
Rich Zim, Clay Animation
Jordan Holtane, Cinematography
Felicia Bleu Rose, Costume Fabrication & Design
Chris Alsop, Illustration
Jackie Cadiente, Character Designs, Storyboards
Gregory Sesma, Storyboards
Hyeun Jason Lee, Exterior Set Designer
Michael J. Bishop, Hospital Fabrication
Mukhtar Kaissi, House Fabrication
Devin Mireles, Fabrication: Wigs
Monica V. Guzman, Fabrication: Felt
Madison Rubin, Set Painting
Marc Ripper, Colorist
Greg Doble, Motion Graphics, VFX
Chuck Overcash, 3D Printed Models
Claire Killick, Production Assistant


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