27. August 2019 Johannes Wolters

Täglich einenn Kurzen: The Answer von Circe Bogart, Hanna Justinen und Heike Scherlie (Senior Thesis Film)

When a kid comes across a box in the forest and sees „The Answer“ inside, they become inspired to share it with the nearby cityfolk. However, no one really seems to see what’s inside the box the way the kid does. *Senior thesis film by Circe Bogart* (https://cabraclock.wixsite.com/circeb…) *Backgrounds and design by Hannah Justinen* (http://freckledoctopus.tumblr.com/) *Music by Heike Scherlie* (http://myeverlovin.tumblr.com/) *SFX by D’arce Peter* Animated in TV PaintPro and Adobe After Effects at the School of Visual Art and Design. Thank you for watching!

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