24. April 2017 Johannes Wolters

Teaser zum neuen Film der Gebrüder Lauenstein und Studio Rakete

Sneak Peek of ‚Luis & The Aliens‘

Growing up with a ufologist father (Armin Sonntag), obsessed with proving the existence of aliens, 12 year old Luis hasn’t had an easy or normal upbringing.
Nobody believes Armin, including Luis, so it comes as quite a big surprise when three strange little aliens (Mog, Nag and Wabo) crash land right behind their house. Luis excitedly wants to show his Dad that he had been right all along, but discovers that Armin hates and fears aliens.
Meanwhile the school’s principal suspects that Luis is suffering from neglect and should be removed from his father’s custody.
A wild adventure begins with Luis and his new friends from outer space trying to reach the mothership, to bring the aliens and maybe even Luis back to space, away from all the dangers and problems of Earth…


Hier gehts zur Webseite von Studio Rakete mit weiteren Hinweisen zum Projekt:


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