Toon Boom Animation: Portfolio Practice Scenes: Collaboratory with Mike Morris and Special Guest Rachel Holiday

Storyboard artist Mike Morris joins us once again for Collaboratory with special guest Rachel Holiday.

Our mission: Work with the audience to improvise something outrageous and learn about the craft of storyboarding along the way. What we need from you: 1️⃣ Characters 2️⃣ Setting 3️⃣ Conflict

Story artist Mike Morris has had a career that’s been… well, storied. Having spent most of his youth in California, it was a quick move for him to Los Angeles. In the City of Angels, he has developed a thriving career and is best known for his work on television series.

You can find an interview with Mike Morris on our blog:…

Rachel Holiday is a graduate of Savannah College Art and Design’s undergraduate animation program. Her passion is 3D Layout and Previsualization because of the influence the role has on visual storytelling throughout the film creation process. She finds it fascinating how a character’s personality and internal goals impact a story; and, how this challenge is conquered when a Layout artist starts setting up shots for a film sequence by focusing on camera set up and editing choices. Rachel has worked on multiple projects for Rooster Teeth Productions, including: RWBY volume 8, RWBY Volume 9, RWBY ArrowFell (game cinematics), and RWBY x Justice League: Heroes and Huntsmen Part 1 / Part 2.


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