Toon Boom Panel Discussion on The Craft of Rough Animation

Curious about the craft of animation? For this live stream panel, we invited three animation professionals featured in the Toon Boom Ambassador Program to discuss their work. The topics cover the role that rough animation plays in a production pipeline, misconceptions about rough animation, as well as advice for roughing effectively. Joining us for this panel are Alex Smeaton, Bonnie Mier, and Brooke Burnett.

Alex Smeaton is an animator who has worked on shows for Cartoon Network, Netflix, and Apple TV+ and is also a mentor for ScreenSkills UK. 🔗

Bonnie Mier is an animator and asset designer from the Netherlands currently working in Ireland. 🔗

Brooke Burnett is a 2D generalist, currently working as a traditional animator and character/prop artist on Helluva Boss at SpindleHorse Toons. 🔗

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