20. Mai 2024 Johannes Wolters

X, formerly known as Twitter, May 16th: Would that it were so simple!

This is a controversial  statement!

It describes the use of generative AI merely as a new tool, a new brush like the new techniques used in „Tango“ or as something like the rise of 3D computer software.

Would that it were that simple!

To best describe my problem with this statement, I would like to ask you, is it possible to be a little bit pregnant? If generative AI like Midjourney, Sora etc. is used in making an animated film, you are potentially stealing from artists around the world, whose works was used illegally, without permission or compensation. If there are GenAI opportunities, that have been „trained“ by using everything from the internet in such a way, the user of this new technology has to been asked if this right or wrong. Is it stealing or not?

How much are we allowed to stand on the shoulders of giants?

And even if you use it just as a new brush, is it morally correct to do so, as long as the problems of illegality and stealing have not been ethically and morally discussed, addressed, solved?

What is your opinion on this?


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