20. April 2021 Johannes Wolters

RealTime Conference 2021 – April 26-28, 2021

We are happy to announce that George Allan, Lead Unreal Artist at Cinesite, is a confirmed speaker at the upcoming April 26-28, 2021 #realtimeconference!

His presentation, „The Bourne Stuntacular: Using Unreal Engine for Immersive Stage Environments“, will focus on Universal Studios‘ The Bourne Stuntacular, an interactive stunt stage show which blurs the line between digital and reality with a cutting-edge fusion of stage-craft and film.

Cinesite VFX Supervisor Salvador Zalvidea and Lead Unreal Artist George Allan will discuss the challenges involved in creating immersive, photorealistic environments using Unreal Engine for a giant 130ft LED screen, which forms the backdrop to the stunts and interacts seamlessly with moving set pieces.

To support the community in this time of pandemic,
Registration is Free!  

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Speakers and sessions are being added daily and topics include:

  • Merging Physical and Digital Worlds Seamlessly
  • Collaborative Design in the Metaverse
  • Designing (in) the Metaverse – Tools to Develop the Future
  • Merging Physical and Digital Worlds Seamlessly – Building the Metaverse One Standard at a Time
  • The Social Metaverse – Building and Maintaining Social Connections
  • Retail and 3D Commerce
  • Scalable Asset Pipelines for 3D Commerce
  • Redefining the Luxury Automotive Purchase Experience
  • Inventing the Impossible. Previsualizing the Future with Magic
  • XR & Live Broadcast Shows
  • Storytelling in Real-Time Across Platforms
  • The Impact of Virtual Production on Animation
  • New Real-Time Realities for Digital Fashion
  • Cloud-Based Real-Time Applications: From Today’s Hurdles to Tomorrow’s Possibilities
  • Pixel Streaming Successes and Challenges
  • Virtual Production: Building Real-Time Tools at the Core of Pipelines – Converting Tests into Radical Changes
  • Virtual Production: From Linear to Real-Time : Recruiting and Training Challenges
  • Digital Humans: The MetaHuman Creator Real-Time Live Demo
  • Digital Humans Panel: How the MetaHuman Creator Impacts Virtual Production, Storytelling, and Prototyping
  • Real Time Live Demo : Talking to Douglas – The Challenges in Creating an Autonomous Digital Human
  • Enhanced Experiences: New Real-Time Reality for Sports
  • How Real-Time Technology is Revolutionising the Fan Experience to Unlock New Forms of Monetization in Competitive Live Entertainment
  • Home or Away | Enhancing the Game Day Experience Through Real-Time
  • The Power of Reality in Volumetric VR Experiences
  • Real-Time Live Demo: Remote Collaboration with NVIDIA Omniverse and HP ZCentral
  • How the LED Video Wall Has Become a Virtual Production Gamechanger

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