20. Januar 2021 Johannes Wolters

Belgium: This year, Anima will be meeting its festival goers on its new streaming platform Anima Online

Online February 12th-21st 2021

This year, Anima will be meeting its festival goers on its new streaming platform Anima Online. It will be available from 26 January on this website:


For the price list, please see practical information.

A large part of the programme initially planned to be screened in cinemas will be available there from 12 to 21 February, with more than 250 films on demand! Additional virtual events and lives are planned to take place as extras.

To create an account on Anima Online or register to the live events, please wait until 26 January.

Discover all the details of our programme by browsing the menu on your left and visiting our Programme pages. You will discover our new feature films, the Belgian and international competitions, the terrific Animated Night, the special Valentine’s Day programme, f cuses that will make you discover the wonderful cinematography of Korea and the Balkans, lovely short films for children, … all of that with lots of additional information and attractive trailers!

We already wish you a great festival!

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