7. Juli 2019 Johannes Wolters

Der Gastkommentar von Viola Baldwin zu Disneys Remake von „The Little Mermaid“

As many of you know, she was my biggest childhood hero, sooo, if anyone is interested, here are my two cents to the whole Ariel debate:
When I heard, that Disney is making a live action Ariel remake I was kinda excited but at the same time rolling my eyes, as, while I enjoy working on those type of films, I am personally not a big fan of remakes in general.

Why re-engineer films that are already perfect in the original? (Especially Ariel, my all time favorite film, that had so much influence on my life)
But well, I understand that from a business point of perspective you can squeeze more money out of the franchise… so yeah. Then I saw „It“ with Sophia Lillis and for me I pictured her, just from her looks, to be the perfect cast for this live action role of Ariel. I thought she had sooo many of cartoon Ariel’s features (see .gif below! I must have drawn cartoon Ariel a million times in my life and I think Sophie`s mouth area looks exactly the same)!

Sophia Lillis

Sophia Illis

When I heard the news, that Halle Bailey will play Ariel, I was for a second confused, but then I was super excited about the fact. These remakes should not supposed to be 1 to 1 copies of the original, and I love what Disney is doing here, pushing for a culture of more inclusion and diversity. As a Facebook friend wrote, it is time for young black girls to have their heroines and being represented, and I am super happy that Disney is doing this with the live action Ariel. May she be the heroine to them as she was for little Viola! I bet Disney was fully aware about the reactions to this decision and I am glad that they did it anyway. I hope they will also fresh up the story a little bit, maybe showing some new perspectives (I loved what they did with „Maleficent“).
So for that reason, instead of another meh remake, I am actually really excited for this one!

Viola Baldwin





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