16. Januar 2020 Johannes Wolters

Stuttgart: Filmbilder – Behind the Frames

Is Stuttgart really the animation capital of the universe? You can make your own judgement. Have a look Behind the Frames of Filmbilder’s production process! Meet the artists and see what they’re cooking up at the moment! Angela Steffen is working on the second season of the PATCHWORK PALS (with the partners rbb, BBC, Beta Film, WeKids and MFG). Elena Walf is preparing the series LENA’S FARM (with ZDF, MFG and MDM) as well as the short DAMN IT (with FFA). Thomas Meyer-Hermann is preparing the feature DEINE FLECKEN (with Daniel Nocke, Stefan Krohmer, Raumkapsel, MFG, HessenFilm and FFA). Andreas Hykade is working on the short ALTÖTTING (with NFB Canada, ciclope films, MFG and FFA), and he is preparing an animadoc about his grandfather (with MFG). Julia Ocker is preparing the new season of the ANIMANIMALS (with KiKA and SWR) as well as a short with the working title BABY BLUES (with MFG and FFA). Gottfried Mentor is working on an online series called BENZTOWN (with MFG and FFA).

Behind the Frames has been conceived, shot and edited by Micah Cohen, Julian Zimmermann & Neda Ahmadi.


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