4. Mai 2021 Johannes Wolters

Täglich einen Kurzen: „Altötting“ by Andreas Hykade

“You know, when I was a boy, I fell in love with the Virgin Mary.”

In the small Bavarian town of Altötting, a mother takes her young son to visit a nearby chapel. The boy becomes entranced by the Shrine of the Virgin Mary inside the chapel and begins daily pilgrimages to see his beloved Madonna. His love, devotion, and passion for her continue to grow, until one day his world is crushed by the devastating secret behind her eternal beauty. Mesmerizing, haunting, and deeply personal, Altötting is a coming-of-age story about love, faith, mortality, and shattered illusions. In this poignant and philosophical animated short, acclaimed filmmaker Andreas Hykade (We Lived in Grass, Ring of Fire, The Runt, Love and Theft) interweaves scenes of quiet, spacious minimalism with flourishes of opulent beauty to create a timeless story of lost innocence.

Script, Director, Narrator: Andreas Hykade

Design: Andreas Hykade, Regina Pessoa

Assistant Director: Orion Schweitl

Animation: Elena Walf, Andreas Hykade, Anselm Pyta, Orion Schweitl

Music: Daniel Scott

Soloist: Bernard Richter

Sound Design: Olivier Calvert

Artistic Director and Painting Supervision: Regina Pessoa

Painting: Regina Pessoa, Alexandre Barga, André Marques, Sara Naves

Technical Directors: Ralf Bohde, Pierre Plouffe, Eric Pouliot

Production Manager: Bianca Just

Funding: MFG Baden-Württemberg, Filmförderanstalt Berlin, Instituto do Cinema e Audiovisual, Ministério da Cultura

Producers: Thomas Meyer-Hermann, Marc Bertrand, Abi Feijo

Co-Production: Studio FILM BILDER, National Film Board of Canada, Ciclope Filmes

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